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merry christmas, kids.

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wednesday best: the etsy edition

madame sprogdropper victorian tintype necklace, 29 usd, by luminoddities

jim flora deluxe-o-tone card set (of 4), 20 usd, by yeehaw

necklush chocolate with gold print, 42 usd, by necklush

spagflation crew, 75 usd, by ruffeoheartslilsnoty

goldenrod babydoll sweater dress (s-m), 106 usd, by riotsiren

migration shift, 474 usd, by emilyryan

old timey biker daredevil print, 18 usd, from berkleyillustration

hamadryad iii painting, 650 usd, by edithlebeau

the fire extinguisher family reunion, 85 usd, from olfactorypress.


stumptown diaries, one: the curious girl under glass by jen elliot

Each month, we plan on bringing you an installment of Stumptown, told from the perspective of some of Portland's finest non-existent folks.

Stumptown Diary One: The Curious Girl Under Glass by Jen Elliot
“Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the Summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.” - Pierre Teilhard de Charden’s “Omega Point”, which could have just as easily been written about a most beloved city in the Pacific Northwest-- Stumptown. 

When flying into Portland’s International Airport, there are two things you can be certain of: 1. That the air around you will generally be at least 20 degrees cooler than the location you departed from, and 2. That you will feel as if you have just entered a 1980’s carpeted shopping mall and that you have somehow beaten the time-space continuum by traveling backwards rather than forwards. As humans, we tend to believe that time is a concrete ideal; a tangible reality that brings forth structural significance in our daily living. But when you step off that plane for the first time (or the second, or the last), you will feel as if you are partaking in just a fraction of time, as the world spins effortlessly on its axis in its rapid movement.

Sometimes I feel like I am always running away from something. I just can’t seem to escape the complexities of human relationships that bring me to their bidding. I want to believe I can transcend these things; to rise above the fallacies of temporal cogency that time and time again tends to test my very will. The reality of this is never simplistic in assumption; there is always room for blundering introversion and despicable controversy.

Shameless Self-Promotion.

We want to advertise YOU on our blog, in our magazine, and maybe even to some of those lame, weird folks we run around with downtown. Have an ad for your vintage-infused etsy? Do you make cool coffee cozies out of scraps of things we take for granted? Paint pretty pictures? Have a pretty nifty fashion or travel blog? Write some cool poetry or nerdy short stories? etc etc? If you think you've got what we need (and you know that we do), send a 300 dpi or greater ad our way (paperandwiremag@aol.com) with basic info (such as your name, web address, and a short description of what you do-- who knows? it might even score you an interview or showcase!) and voila!-- instant karmic return (space and subject permitting, of course-- we're not exactly miracle workers, although we will try to rotate ads as much as possible). We are now taking submissions for the blog and the magazine, and the kicker is that it is FREE. No gimmicks. We just want to promote the hell out of you, on us, for free. It helps us get the word out about the magazine, and it helps you get the word out about...yourself. It's like if you got married and deemed it an open relationship. You get to keep the stuff on the gift registry, and we get that fancy new last name that you hate. Everybody wins. So what are you waiting for? Submit already!

u-p-c-o-m-i-n-g, i-n-c-o-m-i-n-g issue deux

Currently, we have some pretty awesome interviews lined up for the upcoming issue which I am pretty excited about. Here are some of the amazing folks that we plan on highlighting in April's issue. Feel free to check out their music, art, etc and love them as much as we do!

paper artist elly mackay (theaterclouds)



take you on a cruise

hello all and welcome to the paper + wire blog (I still hate the word "blog" but whatever..)This is the part where I should talk about all the amazing stuff the staff-folk and I are going to bring you in the next few months, but instead I will leave you pictures of stupid kittens talking to you in ridiculous web-speech. Actually, I don't think I can muster the courage to do such a thing, so instead I will tell you what you are getting yourself in for by following this blog:
*Sneak peeks at some of the interviews with musicians, artists, photographers, designers, and fashion-forward folks present in the upcoming issue of the magazine
* DIY tutorials from the thunder chief collective (and other featured guest bloggers) for making your own awesome crafts,  home decor, and more!
* occasional bonus tracks from our spotlight musicians and seasonal mixed tapes/playlists for your listening pleasure

* guest bloggers from all walks of life that are here to make your world a better place (and/or shamelessly promote their agenda)
* upcoming events, submission deadlines, and all that business-jargon that comes with having a magazine all in one user-friendly place so you don't have to take too much time out of your daily coffee-and-craigslist-casual-encounters stalking festivities.
* posts about pretty things that we like, places we think you should go, and activities we think will make you a better person inside and out.

So, if you think you can handle this, bookmark us and check back religiously. I mean it. RELIGIOUSLY.


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